Netizentiments went high on Facebook’s downtime


It’s quite notable how Facebook has affected the lives of almost every people in this world. There are those who almost depend their lives 100% in this social media site thus creating panic when it bugged down.

Today (June 19, 2014), Facebook went down for several minutes creating different reactions from the netizens. While Facebook is down, netizens took twitter to share their netizentiments thus making #facebookdown one of the trending topics. Some shared dismay, others hinted on a conspiracy theories, but most reactions are funny.


Here’s are some of the different reactions that netizens posted on Twitter while Facebook is on a downtime.

Other’s took the opportunity to advertise.

As for me, this #Facebookdown thing is just a reminder that we should focus more or give more time to our offline connections because after all, there will always be more to life than Facebook.

As of this writing, Facebook is up and working again.


2 thoughts on “Netizentiments went high on Facebook’s downtime

  1. Hahaha! The tweets are hilarious! But seriously, Facebook should be used with caution. Facebook has brought so many great benefits like bringing us closer to our relatives abroad, but there’s also the concern of FB taking over our social lives. People are less productive at work, and people don’t interact anymore.


    • hahaha, yup FB really is a good tool but as you said should be used with caution, because it really affects human behavior. I can’t find the study eh about Facebooks effects on people. will post it when I got the link. anyways thanks for visiting, next time ulit hehe 🙂


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