Viral video of the week: Leizel and Rowden Go wedding video

I have watched many wedding videos in the past; funny, touching, boring, but this is probably one of the best wedding videos I’ve ever watched.

This video is currently making buzz in social media as it went viral after publishing last June 18, 2014. It was Hasset Go (the brother of Rowden) who uploaded the video with the title “A Wedding That Will Move You: Rowden & Leizel” in his Youtube Channel. As of writing the video already hits 2,677,184 views with 10, 142 likes on Youtube plus many other shares in Facebook and Twitter.

Watching it, I can’t help but fell into tears, as it really showed how love proves to be endless, boundless and limitless. While others may think true love doesn’t exist already, this wedding video of Rowden and Leizel proved that true love indeed exist and that is still alive in many people even among those who are bounded by sickness.

I don’t intend to offend anyone in saying I’m happy with this video knowing the situation, but my happiness comes from the fact that it will be a good example for people to believe in love again; to inspire them and to give them hope that love conquers all.


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