Philippine Arena: The World’s Biggest Indoor Stadium

With the inauguration of the Philippine Arena last Monday (July 21,2014), the country can now officially boast for having the largest domed arena in the world.

In an infographic created by, Philippine Arena is compared to other world renowned stadiums, beating them in terms of total floor/land area and seating capacity. Philippine Arena has a total floor/land area of 99,000 square meter and a seating capacity of 50,000-55,000.


Located at the Ciudad Victoria Complex in Bocaue, Bulacan, the arena is also praised for its architecture and engineering. It was even featured in Discovery Channel’s Modern Marvels program not only for being the biggest domed arena but for its quake proof feature.

This is indeed another pride for the Philippines. A tourism destination we can promote to the whole world which will add to the many places and sceneries in the country that shows It’s More Fun In The Philippines.


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