Miriam considers Duterte, Gibo, and Poe as Vice President


Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago goes back to Senate Wednesday September 10 after taking medical leaves of absence and hinted on running for the presidency with Duterte, Gibo Teodoro or Grace Poe as Vice President.

In an interview with the Senate reporters, the feisty senator relays her options once she got to fully recover from her lung cancer. The 3 options include running for President, joining the International Advisory Council of an NGO and write a book in Washington, D.C., under a writing fellowship.

On the thoughts of running for the Presidency, she said every time she hears news about corruption she can’t help but want to become the President of this country. Ans asked who she wanted to be her running mate she said she’s eyeing 3 person, Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, former Defense Sec. Gilberto Teodoro and Sen. Grace Poe.

“I am considering Rudy Duterte,Gilbert Teodoro, or maybe we can have two women running together-Miriam and Grace.It sounds like a restaurant.” 

On Duterte, who already said no to a national position, she said, “I would love to run with Rudy Duterte. He would make an excellent VP for enforcement. Maybe we can make him change his mind.”

On running with another woman Sen. Grace Poe, Miriam said there is always a first time for everything. She also added “Miriam and Grace sounds so charming.”

But all this plans for the presidency will only materialize once she fully recover by December, she said.

“If I do not reach full recovery by December this year, I will not run for any public office. The decision to run will depend on my doctors.”


2 thoughts on “Miriam considers Duterte, Gibo, and Poe as Vice President

  1. Should this happen, I think we’re up for the most dangerous yet most intelligent tandem in the 2016 Philippine presidential elections. However, I doubt Mayor Rody would run. Somehow, he still had that qualifications of a potential state head. Harsh when it comes to such situations but can be softspoken when needed, as long as he sees his enemies sincere for their mistakes.

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    • yup agree. it will be a formidable tandem should it happen. yes Duterte already said he’s not interested in national politics but who knows. and it will still be up to the recovery phase of Sen. Miriam 🙂 thanks 🙂


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