My 2 cents on the controversial Aegis video advertisement


I will not claim to be an advertising expert nor a marketing specialist, but watching the controversial Aegis video ad tickled my neurons to write this post and give my 2 cents on the matter.

I first discovered the video through a Facebook post by one of my friends. From his caption, I know that was something interesting so I went on to watch. And I was not mistaken, it was indeed interesting and worthy of giving an attention. I promise myself to make this post as short and concise as possible, so without belaboring anymore, here’s my 2 cents on this controversial Aegis video ad.

1. It’s shows how unethical Aegis is.

As I’ve said, I am no marketing expert nor marketing specialist, but looking at the ad from an ordinary person’s perspective you can easily distinguish how unprofessional and unethical the advertising creatives are in doing such video ad. As far as I know, marketing campaign should focus on your company and your product. But in the case of this Aegis ad, they did not sell their company or their product instead they focused on the flaws of the Philippines to the premise of unfriendly weather and being prone to calamities because we are in the ring of fire. Who controls nature? Is it Philippines’ fault that we are on the ring of fire. If they cannot stand with how nature behaves in this country they are free to leave but they don’t have the right to say, we’re leaving your effin country because your weather condition sucks. Is it reputable for a company to smear a country just because they want to uplift themselves and their new found “paradise”? I don’t think so. Say I’m one of the butthurt Pinoys, like what other commenters on a Facebook post is saying, but I cannot accept a marketing strategy of smearing one end for the gain of others. That is just pure UNETHICAL and UNPROFESSIONAL.This is not about the cliche “truth hurts” but about ethics in advertising which should be valued highly by any company.

2. The video is a marketing ploy.

Filipinos are known to very serious with national pride especially in social media. Whenever we hear news about Pinoys doing good or who excels in one field, we are very loud in praising and appreciating those people. Same when it comes to news downgrading our culture and our country, we are very quick in denouncing such articles or posts. With that, I think Aegis have thought of touching that sensitive spot of Pinoys to gain mileage and attention for their ads. With Pinoys social media reign, it will be very easy to make this ad trending, and it did. And if that is their true purpose, they succeeded.

Here’s the controversial Aegis video ad.

For a company to promote themselves in the expense of the flaws of a country, shows the real culture of that company. I will stick to my point that advertising should focus on your company or your products strength not the weakness or flaws of others. With what Aegis did, maybe they have nothing to sell, so they resorted to just focusing of the flaws of the Philippines.


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