Aegis Malaysia apologizes for controversial video ad

After getting the ire of netizens, Aegis Malaysia apologizes for the erroneous uploading of their supposedly “unapproved” video ad.


In a statement posted Monday September 22 on Aegis Malaysia’s Facebook page, the BPO company shares their regret of the incident which caused inadvertent hurt to many Filipinos. They said the video was developed by a local advertising agency in Malaysia which was not approved by Aegis corporate but was erroneously uploaded on Aegis’ youtube channel.

They also reiterated their strong ties with the Philippines saying Aegis had a great experience in the country, and that Philippines is one of the keys to their success globally.

 Aegis video ad went viral on social media during the weekend for its distasteful take on the Philippines as an investment hub. The ad listed instances why Philippines is not an investor friendly country like unfriendly weather, inadequate infrastructure and slow bureaucracy. The video was then removed on Youtube after is started getting unfavorable feed backs.


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