The PBA Opening That It Used To Be

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“The signature PBA that we used to watch.”

If you’ve lived in the 80’s, you will agree with me that it was the glory days of the premier and Asia’s first professional basketball league, the PBA.

It was those times that basketball ruled television ratings even if it’s aired on PTV4 or IBC13. PBA has been a household brand with families all gathered in their living rooms watching the beloved basketball league and cheering for their favorite teams. Luckily, I have experienced those days. Those moments when everything else stops specially when it’s Ginebra and Purefoods match. I can clearly remember how our family became divided into 2 whenever this match comes. Me and my father are die-hard Purefoods fans while my mother and my brother are for Ginebra, so expect a noisy sala from us whenever this 2 teams are battling on the hard-court.

One of the most awaited parts also of the league then, except for the intense championship games and the rookie drafts, was the Season opening.

PBA opening in those years was like the opening of the SEA Games or ASEAN games if not the Olympics. While there are no extravagant fireworks display and torch lighting, PBA openings always bring every Pinoys in-front of their TV screens because it signaled the start of another season of intense games. It is also the time when teams got to parade their team flags, team players and their muses. Who wouldn’t want to see beautiful girls parading in the hard court with your favorite teams. That is one of the highlight of PBA that people are eager to watch.

Towards the end of the 90’s and the start of the new millenium, PBA started to slow down a bit. With several changes in the management, viewer’s interest for PBA started to go down. The league that was raking in TV ratings before was toppled by teleseryes and drama series. Even the PBA opening and rookie drafts seemed not getting much attention compared to the previous years.

But, the glory days seemed coming back with the opening of PBA’s 40th Season. Held Sunday October 19 at the newly opened Philippine Arena in Bulacan, PBA opened the way it used to before. It so nice to see huge crowd again welcoming the new season of the country’s premier basketball league. Seeing the record breaking more than 52 thousand audience in a PBA opening is a testament of the good things coming out for the PBA.

So happy to see PBA is starting to redeem itself and that their glory days is seemingly coming back. With Pinoy’s resurgence to basketball interest after Gilas’ great stint at the FIBA World Cup in Spain and the record-breaking championship match between NU and FEU in the UAAP, future is looking bright for PBA’s 40th Season. It really pays to go back to the original traditions especially if that is where you were loved.


“Going back to the basics strengthens your foundation.” – An Iota of Truth


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