FYI Asia’s Highlights for November

After its re-branding to FYI Channel, FYI Asia unveils its line-up of show for November 2014 which will highlight inspiring home design projects and mind-blowing/mouth watering food recipes. For Your Space will feature Red Hot Designs hosted by Shasta Smith. Unleash the creative potential of your home with this fiery new series. Watch the fiery redhead Shasta Smith, the queen of up-scaling, an extremely talented artist and a celebrated interior designer, and her team take on 2 awe-inspiring design projects each week. Red Hot Designs will premiere on the 28th Nov, Fridays at 9pm (SIN/HK).

Red Hot Design(3)Red Hot Design(4)

Meanwhile, For Your Taste will bring you the Epic Meal Empire team as they deliver recipes that are visually mind-blowing, showcasing their spins on food preparation and presentation. This new FYI series will follow the ingenious group as they invent spectacular new dishes, on a whole new “epic” level. Epic Meal Empire premieres Thursday Nov 20 at 9pm (SIN/HK).

Epic Meal Empire(1)Epic Meal Empire(3)

Other highlights for November 2014 on FYI Asia include, For Your Journey: Bondi Vet S5 on November 5, Wednesdays, 9pm (SIN/HK).



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