Are You Ready for the #AreYouReady campaign?

Doing an advertising campaign is never easy. It must be quirky, totally crazy and downright controversial. And that is what the team of has done for its #AreYouReady campaign for the New Wave category of the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival.

While the campaign slogan seemed so generic that many people, even those who are not exactly fans of Philippine movies, would be able to understand and relate to, however, the concept behind the very “normal” slogan that is #AreYouReady is the exact opposite of its execution. Doing the photo and video shoots, getting the right people as subject of the campaign, deciding on right place to exhibit the campaign and the over-all journey in creating and finishing the material was never easy for

The Visuals

Veteran celebrities, up and coming actors, independent film actors, producers, directors and even your everyday people found in the streets of Metro Manila were tapped for the campaign.

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“We wanted to pay tribute to the unsung heroes, such as MMDA traffic enforcers, the rescue team and even the street sweepers. We don’t give much credit to them, but they do make our lives easier everyday,” says Patricia Coronado,’s concept and visual director.

The campaign photos show the realities of movie watching; how addicted moviegoers are, when they are watching movies.And these experiences which have envisioned, are very real to everyone.

“There are people who are unstoppable when watching movies, and I am not even talking about the fans of the actors. Everyone has done a movie marathon, almost camping out in the theaters. Everyone has experienced gut-wrenching reactions, and yes, we go as far as throwing popcorn on oneself,” explains Patricia.

Anyone who heard of a good storyline, or was crushing on Aga Mulach in the 80s and yes, even Piolo Pascual today, has managed to drop everything that they are doing just to be able to watch their movies on the big screen. “ knows how it feels, because once upon a time, they were exactly in the movie buff’s shoes.” adds Patricia.

In truth, as the team made the concepts for the shoots, many questions crept in. And in exposing these questions through the visuals made, the team is hoping to find answers.

Why aren’t we selling fishballs, isaw, banana-q and the like, in movie theaters instead of popcorn? Are we even allowed to bring our own baon with rice and sinigang? And why can’t many Pinoys be true to themselves and line-up for Philippine made movies, no matter how baduy others may think we are?

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The #AreYouReady campaign speaks of a different experience in watching movies. It is to reflect that experience when the theater lights are off, and it is just us, and the movie that we are watching. It is to amplify what we do and feel every time we watch movies. It is to challenge every Filipino movie goer from all walks of life to come and watch the movies of the 2014 MMFF New Wave from December 17 to 24.

The Exhibit Hall

Doing a campaign or exhibit needs traffic, and when you say traffic, there is no other venue that offers better traffic count than EDSA. Everybody passes through this highway, rich and poor alike, that is why juan team decides to make EDSA its exhibit hall.

Soon, the large format print outs of the #AreYouReady campaign photos will grace the center islands of EDSA and the stretch of C5, greeting those who are stuck in traffic (hopefully not in floods) on a wild day. It is suffice to say that commuters and motorists will have new visuals to ogle at and be entertained by them. The drop down banners promises to be both entertaining and thought provoking. It is Juan’s and MMFF New Wave’s way of making motorists and commuters alike feel a little better while being stuck in traffic.

The Journey to #AreYouReady

Although it may look easy as they have done many other campaign on papers, but doing the #AreYouReady was never easy for Schedules of celebrities had to be synced with the rest of the crew, the preparation of props which played a crucial role in the shoot , and the time constraints to finish the product are all exhausting to the point that tempers rose, tears flowed, expectations unmet, frustrations kicked in and almost everybody was on the verge of throwing the towel in.

But it came to our minds: “babalik na naman ba tayo sa pwede na?” The Metro Manila Film Festival, now on its 40th year is widely known as the “entertainment festival” come Christmas time. In the last 4 years, current MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino conceptualized the New Wave Category in support of independent films and filmmakers. And for that, they’ve decided they cannot settle for the “pwede na yan mentality.” They need to push, and challenge the system to its limits.

And when finished product came in one by one, the team’s hard work was finally paid off. “Kaya pala kung gugustuhin. Kaya pala kung kakayanin.” they told themselves. “It pays to push oneself to the limit. It pays to dream – to dream big and never to settle for anything less than the best” added.

Pushing the envelope, thinking beyond the box, doing what nobody else would dare is what #AreYouReady is all about. The creative team along with the working of committee of MMFF New Wave, would not want to do another “me too” product – a product, a concept that has been done before. Just like the independent filmmakers that they support, juan are for innovation, a vision with a purpose. Truly an added twist of dark humor and wit wouldn’t hurt. Even if it meant a little bit of tears, a little bit of frustration, and a lot of hard work.

#AreYouReady for the #AreYouReady campaign?

Photo credits:
Concepts and visual direction by Patricia Coronado for
Photography by Jhong Dizon
Styled by Abell Dino
Production Design by Joon Ku
Hair and Make Up by Empire Salon
Shot on location at Ayala Glorietta 4 Cinema



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