Vice President Binay avoids Senate hearing, issued statement

After being invited (on his initiative) by the mother committee of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to attend the hearing on the alleged overpriced Makati Parking Building, Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday November 6 backs out of the hearing and instead fly to Cebu for a speaking engagement.

In a news report by ABS-CBN correspondent Annie Perez, VP Binay is said to have arrived in Cebu at about past 10am today. It was also confirmed by one of the TESDA staff that Binay was on the same flight with TESDA Chief Joel Villanueva bound for Cebu this morning.

In lieu of the Vice President’s absence, 2 of his spokesperson Rep. Toby Tiango and Atty. JV Bautista came to Senate to read the VP’s statement. But since committee’s protocol didn’t permit people who were not invited to speak, Senate Blue Ribbon Main Committee Chairman Sen. TG Guingona don’t have a choice but to adjourn the hearing and transfer the ball to the sub-committee headed by Sen. Koko Pimentel.

While, Guingona opted at first to let Tiangco or Bautista to read Binay’s statement, he said he was outvoted by the other committee members not to accede to their wish.

VP Binay’s Statement

After being barred from reading the VP’s statement, Tiangco and Bautista just released it to the media. In a press briefing, the give read Binay’s statement detailing the reason why he opted to back out from the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee’s invitation.

Here is Binay’s statement as read by his spokesperson. (photo from @vargasmannysen)



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