LOOK: Soundcloud Philippines is “Inspired”


For the past few days, timeline and news feed from the Soundcloud Philippines Community page and Twitter account has been plagued by different photos of the admins with no other caption but “Inspired.”

At first I thought it was just in support of IGERSMANILA’s daily #9PMHabit photo challenge on Instagram since IGERSMANILA and the Soundcloud Philippines community are known close collaborators. But then again, the pictures keep coming even though the IGERS’ photo challenge was already done.

Other non-admin SCPhils artists also joined the bandwagon creating more curiosity of what is it all about.

Thinking of possible reasons, I came-up with this list which may cause SCPhils’ Inspired mood.

1. Kiko Salazar’s wonderful journey in Himig-Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014.

Sir Kiko is one of the prides of SCPhils and who wouldn’t get inspired by what he accomplished in the recently concluded Himig Handog P-Pop Loves 2015 competition. He may not have the trophies on his hand but he definitely captured the hearts of listeners for this song “Aking Ka Na Lang” sung by the young belter Morrisettee Amon.

2. KZ Tandingan’s Win at the Himig-Handog P-Pop Love Songs 2014.

It may be unknown to many but yes, X-Factor Philippines Champion KZ Tandingan is also one of the precious artists of the Soundcloud Philippines Community. Her win in the P-Pop Love Song 2014 for the song “Mahal Mo o Mahal Ako” can definitely inspire everyone not only in the SCPhils circle but all budding musicians and singers out there.

3. Timmy Pavino’s 3-chair turning performance in The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Auditions.

We have Kiko, we have KZ and yes you read it right we have Timmy also in the community. His recent success in The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 Blind Audition can also be the reason why SCPhils is Inspired nowadays. His story of going back for her lola and aiming for his ultimate dream can really bring inspirations to all SCPhils members and all aspiring singers and musicians too.

4. Nat Casillan, Jason Dy and Daryl Ong’s upcoming blind audition performances.

From the Voice PH Season 2’s teasers, more SCPhils artists are shown performing at the blind audition. Nat Casillan, Jason Dy, and Daryl Ong are some of the notable faces seen on the video teaser of the show which could also be the reason for SCPhils inspiration.

OK, I listed down some of the possible reasons why “Inspired” photos from SCPhils keep flashing on my news feed, but these are just assumptions based on what is currently happening in the community. I am still curious to know the real reason, but one thing’s for sure, everyone in the Soundcloud Philippines Community is an inspiration, because it is not just a community of musicians and singers, we are family of music lovers.

Here are some of the “Inspired” photos shared by the Soundcloud Philippines admins and artists and I will be start posting mine too. Hope you can also share your “Inspired” photos and make social media an inspiring place to engage.

scphils-fb3 scphils-fb2 scphils-fb1 scphils-cian2 scphils-cian1 scphils-jlor scphils-charvin scphils-nat scphils-kevin scphils-paola

scphils-paola3 scphils-jerome scphils-iko2 scphils-iko1


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