Faces of EDSA People Power Revolution

February 25, 1986, the day that marked a special place in the history of the Philippines. That was the day when Filipinos from all walks of life unite to regain democracy and topple the dictator who reigned for more than 2 decades. EDSA People Power from there has become the platform of all peaceful revolts staged in different countries. Quite fitting to the revolutions theme “Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo”, because indeed EDSA People Power is Philippines gift to the world for the inspiration that it brings and continue to bring. Today as the country celebrates the 29th anniversary of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, let’s look back and list down the people who made impact and are instrumental in having a successful bloodless revolt. 1. June Keithly A radio broadcaster, June was the one who told people over Radio Veritas that the Marcos family already left the country to make the soldiers believe that it’s game over. june-keithley 2. Jaime Cardinal Sin The late Archbishop of Manila, Jaime Cardinal Sin was instrumental in calling people to go to EDSA and join millions of people there who want change. cardinal sin 3. Fidel V. Ramos The former head of the Philippine Constabulary, Ramos led in securing Camp Crame at that time. Ramos later on became AFP Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary of Pres. Aquino. He was elected President of the Philippines in 1992. fidel ramos 4. Juan Ponce Enrile The former Defense Chief of Marcos, Enrile defected and joined Ramos in Crame during the EDSA People Power Revolution. He was later appointed as Defense Secretary during the Cory Administration. He is currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines but is now in jail over the Pork Barrel scam. juan-ponce-enrile 5.Cory Aquino The widow of the late Senator Ninoy Aquino who became the 1st woman President in Asia. Corazon C. Aquino is regarded as the icon of democracy after being installed as the President of the Philippines after the successful peaceful revolution. coryAquino 6. Ordinary Filipino People The most important factor in the 1986 EDSA revolt are the ordinary Filipino people, because without them united in EDSA, democracy won’t be back during those time. The ordinary people from all walks of life are the real hero of EDSA and the most important Faces of EDSA.


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