Is Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Running for President in 2016?

While there’s still no confirmation from the man if he is really running for the Presidency in 2016, signs are already coming out regarding Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s candidacy.

From being part of the anniversary celebration of PDP-Laban who shares his idea of having a Federal form of government for the Philippines, to a meaningful speech in one university event he attended, there is really strong signal that Mayor Duterte is now seriously considering to run for President.

He may have denied the rumors several times, but his presence in social media topics as one possible Presidential candidate is very strong. It may not be clamor yet, but people are very interested in seeing Duterte as one of the choices in the 2016 election ballots.

In checking more stories about Duterte’s possible bid, Nite Writer was able to catch this video below which sends a strong message.

The only question right now is, will he really run or not?


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