Balesin CEO issues statement on “Yaya Meals”

After making buzz in social media, Balesin Island Club CEO finally speaks up regarding the “Yaya Meals” issue.

In a statement posted Monday April 6, 2015 on their official Facebook page, Balesin Island Club CEO Mike Asperin clarifies that the controversial “yaya meals” is only an option for the guest for their yayas and other household help. He also went on to justify that incidentally the yayas are thrilled with the meals contrary to what netizens perceived as a discriminating act on their part

Here’s the complete statement of Mike Asperin regarding the issue on “yaya meals”.

“We at Balesin Island Club do not understand this entire hullabaloo about the “yaya meal.” Any talk of discrimination is inappropriate. In fact, if the guest or member chooses to have the Club serve the “yaya” tenderloin steak and lobster thermidor, we will gladly serve it to the yaya. “Yaya meal” is merely an accommodation and an option for the guest for their “yaya”. Hence, we do not serve this meal if there is no instruction at all from the guest for a “yaya meal” to be served to a “yaya”. Incidentally, the yayas are thrilled with their meals because these are deliciously prepared by our chefs, as well, for our operating staff at Balesin.”

Mike M. Asperin
CEO & Island Director
Balesin Island Club


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