Doris Bigornia breaks silence on The Script concert incident

After taking the headline again for her alleged misbehavior during The Script’s concert last April 17, veteran broadcast journalist Doris Bigornia finally speaks up about the issue.

In a Facebook post posted Wednesday April 22, Doris denies Mr. Richard Lim’s claim that she issued harsh statement to his hyperventillating son. Mr. Richard Lim is the one who posted the allegation of Bigornia’s misbehavior in The Script’s concert.

While she admits to the fact that they (she and her daughter) rushed in front of the stage, the moshpit area to welcome the band, she said it was not their intention cause inconvenience to other concert goers, they were just too excited to greet the band.

She also added, she knew how it feels to loose a love one thus, no way she can say such insensitive statement as alleged by Mr. Lim. But she clarified that when Mr. Lim thrown hurtful words to her children, her maternal instincts took over and she regretted that argument.

Here’s the full statement of Doris Bigornia regarding The Script concert issue.

doris bigornia statement


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