Netizens blasts Veloso family’s discredit of gov’t efforts

Shortly after they arrived in the country, Veloso family issued tirades against the government for doing little in the case of Mary Jane Veloso.

A furious Celia and Darling Veloso said the government should stop claiming credits to the reprieve being given to MJ. The mother even said President Aquino lied to the world when he said he was instrumental in President Widodo’s decision to stay MJ’s execution.

These statements apparently didn’t sit well to many Netizens. Moments after news reports came out regarding Veloso family’s statement, Twitter , Facebook and online news sites were flooded by comments against the Veloso’s mostly calling them ingrate.

While many shares the sentiments that gov’t did little in handling the case of Mary Jane, people are expecting to give some credit for the efforts done by the government during the crunch times. Other people were even disgusted about the family’s attitude with other saying they’re disappointed in giving support to the family.

Here’s what people have to say with Veloso’s discredit to the gov’t efforts to save Mary Jane Veloso from execution.


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