House Ad-Hoc committee approves BBL

After more than 12 hours of voting, the House of Representatives Ad-Hoc committee today approves the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law.

In a vote of 50-17-1, members of the ad hoc committee voted to pass the BBL in the committee level. Ad-hoc committee chair Rep. Rufus Rodriguez said he is expecting the bill to be brought to the plenary by Wednesday May 27.

The BBL has been subjected to many hurdles and scrutiny after the Mamasapano incident. It was also posed for derailment or complete dump because many of its former supporters have withdrawn support due to the perceived lack of good faith and sincerity from the MILF.

But the Palace and the GRP Panel continued to rally behind the bill reiterating the gains it will bring to Mindanao and to the Bangsamoro people. And with this result of the voting it seemed that Malacañang have restored the confidence of the lawmakers in this landmark legislation.

During the house voting, a total 32 amendments where made from the original 18-article draft bill. One of the amendments were the deletion of the the provision which states that the Bangsamoro Chief Ministry may request the President of the Republic to call upon the AFP in case there are treats in the Bangsamoro Area. This amendment was strongly pushed by Rep. Rodolfo Biazon.

Now that it has passed the committee level, the question now will be, will it passed the plenary in the same speed it has gone at the Ad-hoc committee. Let’s see.

Here’s the list of congressmen who voted Yes, No and Abstain to the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law in the ad-hoc committee level.



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