Vice Ganda shows off real look

In this time and age where people especially netizens are obsessed with photo filters and anything that can make them look young and beutiful, it’s a rare occasion to see people especially celebrity flaunting their natural look.

It is always expected for celebrities to look good in camera or whenever they are in public to maintain the public’s perception of beauty. But Vice Ganda proves there is more in less.

In the Thursday’s episode of It’s Showtime’s segment Advice Ganda, Jose Marie Viceral (Vice Ganda’s real name) takes off her wig and make-up to show his real look and prove that it’s not shameful to be yourself. His act was prompted by the problem of Pamela who asks his advice how to handle people who are bullying her because of her look.

In doing so, Vice was able to convey to Pamela and the madlang people that we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves instead we should be proud of what we have and how we look. While make-ups and wigs can help enhance the natural beauty of people, it can always be taken off and will still reveal our natural look.

Shortly after that Vice Posted in his Instagram account his “unadulterated look” with the caption #proudtobeme”


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