ABS-CBN shuts down PBB737 cable and online 24/7 live streaming

In just 2 weeks, PBB737 immediately captures the interest of pinoy televiewers especially netizens. After few episodes, several pictures have already gone viral in social media including the controversial “bromace” pictures of Bailey May and Kenzo Gutierrez.

Social media feasted the pictures of the 2 housemates in awkward moments erupting speculations of special romantic relationship between the 2. While PBB’s resident psychologist Randy Dellosa explained the true nature of Bailey and Kenzo’s relationship in the house, netizens continued to spread different speculations and theories about the real score.

With that, ABS-CBN management decided to shut down its 24/7 live streaming on cable TV and online starting Friday July 3, 2015.

In their official statement, ABS-CBN said it “vehemently condemns these irresponsible social media posts that malign the reputation of the housemates.” It add ” we are concerned with the welfare of our housemates and it is our responsibility to protect them.”

Here’s the complete official statement of ABS-CBN regarding its shutdown of 24/7 PBB live stream.



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