Barbie Imperial is the 1st PBB 737 evictee

11251193_421525294697672_1289460651_nDoll Along the Riles of Albay, Barbie Imperial became the 1st evictee of PBB 737.

In PBB 737’s 1st eviction night Friday July 3, Barbie Imperial got the least public votes against Bailey May to be named as the 1st evictee of Pinoy Big Brother’s latest edition 737. She got a total of 37.84% of votes compared to Bailey’s 62.16%.

During the last week’s nomination night, Barbie also got the most numbers of votes from his fellow housemates, followed by Bailey and Kamille. But since Kamille passed the challenge given by Big Brother right after the announcement of the nominees, it was Bailey and Barbie who were left for the public voting.

Compared to previous evictions, today’s eviction night had a twist. Instead of announcing the evictee in the PBB house sala, the 2 nominees were called by Big Brother to the confession room. The one who will come out of the confession room stays for another week or so and the other one will go back to the outside world.

It was also in today’s 1st eviction night that PBB announced the shutdown of its 24/7 free live streaming on cable and online.

With the first eviction night’s result, it already showed Bailey fan base power. Will it assure him of a longer stay in the PBB house? Or will he be the next housemate to go back to the outside world?




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