PBB 737 reveals 2nd set of nominees

pbb737 2nd nomineesAfter the 1st eviction night which bade farewell to Barbie Imperial, PBB 737 announces the 2nd set of nominees Saturday night.

From the remaining 10 housemates, Ylona, Ryan, Bailey, Zonia and Aila were named as the newest nominees for eviction. Ylona and Bailey both got 4 points, Zonia and Aila got 2 points and Ryan 1 point.

This week’s nomination was done in group. Big brother let the housemates choose their partners then let them decide on who will be nominated this week. The groupings formed were Ryan and France, Ylona and Kamille, Kenzo and Kyle, Bailey and Jimboy, Aila and Zonia.

Among the groupings, only Kenzo and Kyle are both safe from nomination this week while Aila and Zonia are both nominated.

After revealing the nominees for this week, the 5 nominated housemates were put into the Ligtas challenge wherein 1 housemate will be given reprieve from his/her nomination. Aila and Zonia earned 2 points each while the other 3 housemates didn’t got a point. Because of that, no housemate win the Ligtas challenge meaning all of them will be put to public vote where the next evictee will be determined.


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