Ailah leaves PBB 737

Big-Profile_AilaThe Faithful Daughter of Bacolod is the 2nd evictee of Pinoy Big Brother 737.

With the total votes of 10.38%, Ailah Antipona, the Muslim teen from Bacolod became the latest evictee of PBB 737. Ailah follows Barbie who was evicted in the last week’s eviction night.

Meanwhile other nominees who survived this week’s eviction are Bailey with 29.28%, Zonia with 23.4%, Ylona with 21.89%% and Ryan with 15.04%.

Ailah is the first Muslim housemate ever grace the PBB house. She was chosen to show the character of the Muslim teen for people to know the Muslim culture better. It could have been great if she stays longer to bring much diversity in the house and to get to know more about how Muslim teens react to challenges and how they interact with other culture but sadly the viewers seemed didn’t saw the need.

Her eviction can also be attributed to her “flat” stay in the house. In her 3 weeks stay she wasn’t able to showcase something new, given that she can very well be ahead of the others because of the culture and difference in faith that she can share.



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