PBB 737 3rd set of nominees named

pbb737-3rd set nomineesAfter evicting 2 teen housemates, PBB 737 again names its newest set of nominees Saturday night.

In the live nomination night July 11, PBB 737 teen housemates were challenged to a face to face nomination to get the 3rd set of nominees. Big Brother gave the housemates set of 2-point and 1-point medals that will be given by the housemates to their fellow housemates whom they want to stay inside the house. The housemate with the most number of medals will be safe in the next weeks eviction and those with the least will be part of this week’s set of nominees.

And after their voting, the housemates who got the least medals where Bailey, Ryan, Kamille, Ylona and Zonia. But just like the past weeks, the nominated housemates were again given Ligtas Challenge wherein the winner will be removed from the list of nominees and will safe for eviction for another week.

Among the 5 teen housemates, Bailey won the Ligtas Challenge this week giving him reprieve from possible eviction and he was also spared this week for the first time from public voting.

With that the remaining teen housemates who comprise the 3rd set of nominees and will be presented to public voting are Ryan of Cebu, Ylona of Australia, Zonia of Quezon City and Kamille of Manila.


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