Thank You Rep. Leni Robredo

I may not be a Bicolano, I may not be part of her constituency, but as a Filipino, I would like to give a big big Thank You to Rep. Leni Robredo.

Last Monday during the 6th State of the Nation Address of President Benigno S. Aquino III, many politicians showed off their most beautiful Filipiniana dress and Barong Tagalogs in the annual SONA Red Carpet event. For many spectators, SONA in the past years has become our country’s version of the American OSCARS. Different colors, different styles tailored by different well known and up and coming Filipino designers have been sashayed at the Red Carpet leading to the Batasan where PNoy will deliver his last SONA. But one representative was caught on cam not on the red carpet but on a backdoor going inside Batasan.

leni robredo 2

Camarines Sur Rep. Leni Robredo, the widow of former DILG Sec. Jessie Robredo shuns the red carpet tradition to evade limelight and the scrutinizing eyes of the media and the people who will then watch it. Unknown to many, Rep. Robredo has been doing that move every SONA, ever since she became congresswoman. But this was the first time that she was caught by a photo journalist which became viral on social media. The photo earned praises from many netizens, which should be moot, because it’s very rare for a politician to escape a moment where you can flaunt yourself in front of the camera watch by the whole country. And in this country where almost every politicians are hungry for media mileage, that humble act by Rep. Robredo is something that should be celebrated and remarked.

Aside from her latest viral photo, Rep. Robredo has also figured on social media before, when she was caught waiting for a bus in EDSA bound for Bicol. A picture very far from the usual politician we see in their luxury cars with full security. And that clearly shows the character of this remarkable woman and public servant.

leni robredo 1

Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us the true conduct of a true public servant.

Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us that real public servant though rare still exist in our society.

Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us that there’s still hope for the politics in this country.

Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us that the true mandate of legislators is to create laws for the good of the people and not to display fortune, glamour and beauty.

Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us the Pinoy politician cannot necessarily be eaten by it’s rotten system.

And Thank You Rep. Leni for showing us that you truly live the legacy of your late husband Sec. Jessie.

I am very proud to know that amongst the crocodiles and cement-hard faced politicians lording our government, there is someone like you who humbly do your work and your mandate for the betterment of your district. There is someone like you who is not driven by sheer ambition to be in politics but a real drive to be of service to your constituents. May your example inspire current and future leaders of this country to do their job with or without public attention. And if that happens, we will be assured that change is not impossible to happen in this nation for our future generations.



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