Cynthia Patag slams VP Binay in an open letter

Out of disgust to what Vice President called his True State of the Nation Speech (TSONA) last Monday at Cavite State University, former comedienne Cynthia Patag took Facebook to share an open letter to the Vice President. In her Facebook post Tuesday August 4, 2015, Ms. Patag slams his patronage brand politics and his lack of genuineness and sincerity in helping the poor.

“I sensed your vile agenda a decade or so ago. All those acts of charity, paid for with Makati taxpayers’s money, lacked genuineness: you were promoting yourself.”

She also attacked the Vice President’s seemingly lack of conscience for being capable to do such things.

“You’ll sleep well tonight. There won’t be a persistent conscience to haunt you. Because you don’t have one.”

Hours after she posted the open letter, it immediately garnered 38k likes and 47k shares.

Here’s the complete message of Ms. Cynthia Patag to the Vice President.

cynthia patag 1cynthia patag 2—————————————————-

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