China wins hosting of FIBA 2019

fiba 2019 host

People’s Republic of China beats The Philippines in getting the hosting rights to the 2019 FIBA World Cup of Basketball.

Held in Tokyo, Japan Friday August 7, 2015, FIBA Council announces the winning country which will have the rights to host FIBA World Cup 2019. After couple of delays which was initially set at 6:30pm Japan time, the announcement pushed through at 7:15pm Japan time.

After reviewing for the last time the pitches of the 2 countries, FIBA official took the stage to show the paper bearing the name of the winning country which happens to be China.

China’s delegation is led by retired-NBA star Yao Ming. They’ve boasted Experience in hosting big events and good infrastructure. Boasting their previous hosting of the Olympics, world class infrastructures in transportation, accomodation and internet connection, China promised to make FIBA 2019 the Biggest World Cup Ever.

Meanwhile, a heartfelt pitch by the Philippines top billed by Hollywood Fil-am actor Lou Diamond Phillips with Boxing World Champion Manny Pacquio anchored on Filipinos passion for sport specifically Basketball. Former Gilas Pilipins Team Captain Jimmy Alapag and former head coach Chot Reyes also give their speeches to convince FIBA official to choose the Philipines.

A country known as a basketball crazy nation, Philippines takes pride of our genuine heart for the sport of basketball thus making Social Media erupt with the hashtag #PUSO2019. But despite the emotionally charge appeal, Philippines wasn’t able to convince the FIBA officials to bring back the Basketball World Cup to the basketball loving country.


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