PBB 737 names Teen Big 4; Ylona, Bailey, Franco and Jimboy

CL0IF_QUwAEYDLGOn it’s 6th eviction night Friday August 7, 2015, PBB reveals its Teen Big 4 for this edition

Ylona Garcia, Bailey May, Franco Rodriguez and Jimboy Martin completes the Teen Big 4 of PBB 737 after the eviction of Kenzo Gutierrez who got the lowest number of votes. Kenzo registered the lowest votes to save and the highest votes to evict at 4.23 % and 13.61% respectively making a total score of -9.38%. Kenzo was welcomed by his father as he return to the outside world.

CL0EID5UcAEcuYZMeanwhile, from the top 4, Ylona tops the voting at 19.84% followed by Jimboy with 10.9%, Franco on 3rd spot at 3.78% and Bailey on the last spot with a total of 1.99% of votes.

CL0LhV-UAAA16WbCompared to the previous editions of Pinoy Big Brother, completing the Big 4 signals the end of the season and the naming of the season’s Big Winner, but for PBB 737 it is not yet the end as new batch of regular housemates is set to enter the PBB house tomorrow/ Twelve new housemates will start a new story inside the most popular house of the country.

PBB 737 can still be watched every day on Kamapilya Gold after Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita, on Primetime Bida after On The Wings of Love, every Saturdays after MMK and Sundays after Rated K.


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