Ryan Remms wins It’s Showtime’s Funny One Grand Finals

IMG_20150808_150148Ryan Remms Zarita bested 4 other Funny One finalists to be the first Grand Winner of It’s Showtime Funny One contest.

After 6 weeks of competition, It’s Showtime’s Funny One names its winner in their Grand Finals Saturday August 8, 2015. Ryan Remms gets the nod of the Funny One panel of judges which include Richard Gomez, Dawn Zulueta, Frasco Mortiz, Joey Marquez and Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

While everyone of them showcased their best comedic talent, Ryan Remms rise to the top with his subtle but rock and roll to the world jokes thus getting the highest score of 8.6 among the 5 finalists.

Before being a Funny One finalist, Ryann Remms already rocked social media making his lines and videos trending in Facebook and Twitter. His famous “Rock and Roll to the World” line became a new pop culture phenomenon which is currently used by almost every person in their conversation.

Other Funny One finalist who competed in the grand finals include Father and Son tandem Crazy Duo who was named 1st runner-up, Nonong Balillan who came out as 2nd runner-up, the trio comedians No Direction declared as 3rd runner-up and Gibis Alejandrino who settled with the 4th runner-up title.

Ryan Remms took home a total of 1 million pesos in cash prize and a chance to be part of ABS-CBN comedy shows. The runners-up on the other hand wins 250K, 100K, 75K and 50K each respectively.

Here’s the complete list of final scores of the 5 Funny One finalists.

Ryan Remms – 8.6
Crazy Duo – 8.2
Nonong Balillan – 7.6
No Direction – 6.6
Gibis Alejandrino – 6.0


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