Police arrest “Fashion-Pulis” blogger Mic Sy Lim

Famous blogger Michael Sy Lim of Fashion Pulis was arrested Tuesday by the police for the cyber libel case filed by controversial model Deniece Cornejo.

According to the reports from CIDG, Lim was arrested at around 11:30AM by the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s Women and Children Protection Unit. Cornejo’s complaint arise from Lim’s article on Fashion Pulis blog publicizing leaked medical records from Healthway Clinic alleging Cornejo has an STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease).

“The arrest was conducted in response to the request of Ms Deniece Cornejo and Atty Ferdinand Topacio as part of the CIDG Quality Assurance Support to Victims program,” – CIDG.

Lim was held at the CIDG headquarters in Camp Crame and was asked to pay 16,000php as bail.

Meanwhile, Lim took to Twitter to share his sentiments over his arrest. In one of his posts he said it’s sad how some people wanted to curtail press freedom through filing libel case with hashtag #FPisFearless. He also said he’s just doing his job and that libel is part of the life of every media practitioner.

Here are some of Lim’s tweets earlier today after his arrest at the CIDG headquarters.

fashion pulisfashion pulis 2fashion pulis 3


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