VIRAL: Traffic enforcers dancing to “Twerk It Like Miley”

After famous actors and actresses, Twerk It Like Miley dance craze is now on street traffic.

With the popularity of the “Twerk It Like Miley” dance craze, even traffic enforcers can’t refuse to do their own version. And one video of 3 traffic enforcers is now making round in social media.

In a video posted on Bassilyo’s Facebook page, three traffic enforces were caught dancing to Brandon Beal’s Twerk It Like Miley while doing their job. The 3 were seen directing the traffic in an undisclosed intersection and at the same time giving their “give it all” performance of the dance hit.

There were numerous dancing traffic enforcers caught on video in the previous years, but the good thing with this one is that they also follow trends. They know what’s in and what can caught people’s attention. And the best thing about it, they know can to give entertainment to people who are crazy mad about the traffic situation in the country.

As of writing the video has already gathered 2,267,358 Views, and was shared 64,299 times. More than 100K clicked the like button with more than 7 thousands commenting on the video.

So here it is the video of the 3 traffic enforcers doing their cover of “Twerk It Like Miley”


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