It’s Showtime’s groupie generates Php100K for a blind kid

“Sharing good vibes to an innocent child.”

Giving happiness to an innocent kid is one of the most precious things any person can do and that is what It’s Showtime barkada did. Their groupie with a blind kid from the audience was able to generate more that 100Kphp and was given as a gift.

In their Thursday (August 27, 2015) episode during the Advice Ganda segment, It’s Showtime hosts attention were caught by a smart kid in the audience, Maria Feiline. What’s supposed to be just a “sample-sample” moment for the madlang people where the kid sang one of her favorite songs became a pep talk.

Talking to Vice Ganda and the rest of the Showtime hosts, a cute talkative Feiline relays her dreams and aspirations which made her more endearing. She said she wanted some toys, to have a karaoke, and to have a swimming pool. But ultimately she wanted to undergo operation for her eyes for her to see. Her mother told the madlang people that Feiline’s condition was brought about by her premature delivery.

Her candidness and contagious laugh prompted Vice Ganda and the rest of the gang to do something to help the kid. He then took a groupie and posted it on his IG and Twitter accounts and promised that every like and retweet (until the end of the show) will be converted to cash and will be given to Feiline.


A post shared by JoseMarieViceral / Vice Ganda (@praybeytbenjamin) on

The post immediately went viral, gathering more that 5K IG likes and more that 2K retweets minutes after posting.

And at the end of the show the total combined likes and retweets reached 115,632 making it Php115,632 for Feiline.

As of writing, the photo still continues to get likes on IG totalling to 103 thousand and more than 29K retweets.


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