Is Sheryl Cruz not supportive of Grace Poe’s Presidential plans?

Philippine Election 2016 is really heating up as declared and perceived candidates are going their way to present themselves as the viable successor to President Aquino III.

Television have started to be plagued with different political ads disguising as infomercials. There were also celebrities and showbiz personalities who have voiced out their preferential candidates in the 2016 elections.

Ai-ai delas Alas have already thrown her support for Vice President Binay while Regal Films Matriarch Lily Monteverde has been vocal of her support for Liberal Party standard bearer Mar Roxas.

While Sen. Grace Poe is still coy about her plans for 2016, although most political observers are certain of her Presidential run, she was given support by the Magdalo group of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV. Her own family as stated by her son Bryan Llamanzares also thrown their full support to her plans of eyeing higher office in the next year’s national election.

But it seemed not everyone close to her are supportive of her plans. Although her adoptive mother Susan Roces was vocal in defending her on the foundling issue, she is mum on her support on Grace’s possible presidential candidacy. Sen. Poe even said (when asked about her mother’s advise) “magugulat kayo sa advise nya”, which can be speculated as a negative response.

Another family member who also seemed not yet convinced of her plans in the 2016 Presidential Elections is her cousin Sheryl Cruz.

On Instragram, Shery Cruz addressed issues about her mother being the “real mother” of Senator Grace and her take on Poe’s plans to run as president.

Reacting to a certain @thombenavides who asked her about being real sister to Sen. Poe and her plans of supporting her candicacy, Sheryl categorically denied the long time rumor that Grace is a daughter of her mother former actress Rosemarie Sonora. She said they are not sisters and that people should spare her mom from all those speculations.

“Manang Grace and I are not sisters. My Mama is not her mother.  Please spare my mom with all these lies. Nakikiusap ako.” – said Sheryl

She also said, she has nothing to do with her cousin’s political plans as it is Grace’s sole decision to take on a complicated political path. And added “I’m reserving my support when I see that she’s ready to lead – I know her long enough – for now – I’m sorry, but don’t count me in. I wish her well and for you too, please leave us alone”.

sheryl igAfter that comment, Sheryl was defended by her followers saying she should just brushed off this basher who cannot even show his true identity.

Will Sheryl’s pronouncements about her cousin’s political plans stay? Or will she change her mind after the campaign season starts?

But for now one certain thing is that, she is not keen on supporting Grace of her plans so don’t count her in.


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