WATCH: AlDub finally meets, but…

After more than a month of waiting, the hit tandem of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza) finally seen each other.

In the Saturday edition of Eat Bulaga’s KalyeSerye, the hit love team known to many as AlDub finally meets.

After their individual performances, the two interchangeably went back and forth from the main and back stage until the moment when they happen to go back stage at the same time and saw each other. But when they are about to move closer towards each other, Lola Nidora (Wally Bayola) immediately put a wall between them, spoiling what the audience and television viewers wanted to happen.

Frustrated from being with each others arms finally, the two can’t help but cry and lay down on the floor while listening to Nidora’s sermon slash words of wisdom.

The episode was warmly received by the viewers who long waited this time when the two would finally meet. On Twitter, EB’s hashtag #AlDubBattleForACause set a new record for the most tweets in the Philippines reaching more than 5million tweets in just 24 hours.



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