Netizens slams Joey de Leon’s twit on Heneral Luna

Is Joey de Leon starting to get over board?

After twitting Lea Salonga on her “kababawan” tweet, Joey de Leon strikes again and this time about the critically acclaimed bio-epic film Heneral Luna.

In his tweet, one of Eat Bulaga’s pioneer hosts Joey said Heneral Luna could have easily became box office hit should Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza of the hit loveteam AlDub was casted in the film.

Reading his tweet, it seemed that Heneral Luna is still not a success despite all the raves and praises about the film. While the film started slow in the cinemas it has gathered momentum when it trended online because of it’s great storytelling sans famous and popular actors in the cast.

Because of his tweet, several netizens even AlDub fans reacted and called out Joey’s attention for his “kayabangan”.

Most of them shared their disgust and dismay over Joey’s self gratification with reference to the AlDub craze.


joey 2

joey 3

Joey maybe known for being witty and joker on his social media post, but there were times that he’s really getting insensitive. During the Nepal Earthquake, Joey also got the ire of netizens for his untimely joke about the it which he just brushed off as a misunderstood joke.

It’s just sad that in the rare occasion when Filipino moviegoers appreciated a film based on its story and technical masterpiece here comes one of the pillar of the Philippine showbiz industry who throws allusion that a film could easily hit the box office if the cast is composed of popular and famous personalities. A big contradiction to the Kalyeserye he’s been tirelessly defending which draws attention and following from it’s storyline, great plot, good values and not famous actors.


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