Heneral Luna surpasses Php200 million mark


A film that was threatened to be pulled out early on cinemas is now raking both critical acclaims and huge gross receipts.

On Monday Oct 5, 2015, Heneral Luna’s team on their official Facebook page announced that the film already surpassed the 200 million mark in gross receipts.

The team headed by their executive producer Fernando Ortigas and screenwriter-producer Eduardo A. Rocha exuberantly thanked all movie goers who helped Heneral Luna reached this milestone. While they said their true break-even point is Php240 million which will also account for their Oscar Awards 2016 campaign, they are very happy with the appreciation the public has given to their film.

Here’s the complete message posted on Heneral Luna’s official FB page.

A message from executive producer Fernando Ortigas and screenwriter-producer Eduardo A. Rocha:

Dear All,

We have now officially crossed the Php 200 million mark for HENERAL LUNA! 

We can't thank you all enough for making it possible for the film to reach this new milestone. 

Of course, while our true break-even point is still at Php 240M, it doesn't diminish one bit 
our ability to appreciate everyone's ongoing patronage and support--beginning with those 
who called into theaters to bring it back, to moviegoers being vigilant about anti-piracy, to teachers 
requiring their students to watch it, to students bringing their families to see it, to journalists talking about it
on TV and radio or writing about it in their columns, to everyone on social media who can't stop posting about it, 
and finally to the Juans and Juanas out there who keep talking about it to their "barkada" or "kapitbahay"---
sa atin pong lahat ang pelikulang ito. 

Thank you for taking ownership of this film.

From the bottom of our hearts--maraming, maraming salamat po!

The Heneral Luna Team

With this feat, could this be a sign that Pinoy movie-goers are maturing in terms of cinematic taste?


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