Is Sen. Miriam running for President in 2016?

Three presidential aspirants have already declared their intentions to run in the 2016 Philippine Elections, Jejomar Binay, Mar Roxas and Grace Poe. But another name is now emerging as a possible addition to the people’s choices for President, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

In a picture posted on her official Facebook page Wednesday October 7, an interesting message caught netizens attention.

A picture of Sen. Miriam holding what seems to be a COC with the message “I’m not going to be coy. Society leaders have urged me to seek the presidency. I can rise to the occasion”.

The post immediately spread in social media gathering more than 24 thousand likes and shared more than 13 hundred times on Facebook. Over at Twitter, netizens were ecstatic to know the new development about the feisty Senator and shared what could be a good news using the hashtag #Miriam2016. A volunteer sign-up form was also started to gather volunteers for Miriam.

Could this new development really a sign that she’s well and up for a new battle for the Presidency? Will know the definite answer next week when she file her Certificate of Candidacy.


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