Duterte Ends Presidential Run Speculations

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte finally ended speculations that he will run for President in the 2016 Philippine elections.

In a post on his Facebook page Friday October 16, Mayor Duterte reiterated he’s not running for President and he doesn’t want to.

He said, more than two years ago, he posted in a government website that he was not interested in the Presidency. And up to now nothing has changed. He added he was tired, wanted to retire and that he just don’t want it.


Speculations were high again on the last day of COC filing when supporters of Davao Mayor trooped to COMELEC Office in Intramuros anticipating Duterte’s filling of his COC for president. Inday Sara also posted a picture of her COC for Davao Mayor which added to the frenzy of his supporters.

News of Duterte flown a chartered plane from Davao and has already landed in Manila also made social media more wild and jubilant.

But all the anticipation and jubilation ended when Duterte didn’t came up and the news of him being already in Manila was disputed by his aide as hoax.

Speaking with Karen Davila and Vic Lima, Duterte’s executive assistant Bong Go said Mayor Duterte is in Davao and never left Davao today. He also said, it was not the Mayor’s intention to give people false hope because he had always been clear that he has no intention of running for president.

Meanwhile, to address all the questions lingering on the mind of his supporters, Mayor Rody Duterte himself went on-air thru DZMM’s Dos por Dos. Duterte echoed what his aide said that he is not running. He even said it was only his political supporters who spread the news of him going to Manila to file COC for president. He added, his political supporters already knew he’s decided not to run but continued to hope that he will change his mind. Asked if he will substitute the Presidential candidate of PDP-Laban, the straight-forward Mayor said “Hindi ako pang-subsitute, original ako”.

Duterte thanked those who believed in him and see him as the best option for the 2016 elections, but beg to respect his decision to stay in Davao.


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