How Netizens react to #Duterteserye

It seemed Politics and Entertainment are really intertwined.

When all we thought about Seryes are only for TV drama or for WATTPAD novels, politics has find it’s way to create its own Serye complete with drama, suspense and an anti-climatic ending.

In today’s last day of filing of Certificate of Candidacy, #DuterteSerye become one hot topic, trending at number 1 on Twitter Philippines.duterteserye

With Mayor Duterte being pressed by political and ordinary supporters to join the presidential race in the 2016 Philippine elections, everyone on Twitter were in suspense mode waiting for a surprise that might happen.

The mood and netizentiments were so high it’s like everyone was waiting for a ticking bomb to explode or for a beautiful fireworks display to color the skies during new year’s eve countdown. Added by different news of Duterte being flown from Davao to Manila to Inday Sara Duterte posting a picture of her would be filed COC for Davao Mayor, netizens, media and supporters were taken for a roller coaster ride of emotions.

But after the clock striked at 5pm, COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista closed the gate of the commission, there was no Duterte who came to file his COC. It’s the end of the Serye, the drama has just been concluded.

Many were disappointed and frustrated as if they were abandoned by a lover who they asked to elope. While others were still high in the possibility that Duterte might fall as a substitute to the presidential candidate of PDP-Laban, Duterte in an interview shuts-down the possibility and said he will end his political career in Davao. Seryes are indeed not always happy ending.

So, here are some of the netizentiments regarding the highly followed #DuterteSerye.


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