Richard Juan exits PBB 737

Richard Juan was the latest evictee of PBB 737.

Big-Profile_RichardIn the eviction night Friday October 16, the Charming Chinito of Paranaque wasn’t able to convince the public to give him another chance to stay in PBB house thus becoming the latest evictee from the regular housemates.

Getting the least number of votes at -21.25%, Richard left the remaining housemates and become reunited with his friends and family in the outside world.

With Richard’s eviction the two other nominees Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida were saved and given more time to stay inside the PBB house and the possibility to be part of PBB737 Big Four.

Richard is the 8th housemate to be evicted in this season of PBB following Mikee Agustin, Charlone Petro, Krisia Lusuegro, Phillip Lambert, James Linao, Margo Midwinter and Jameson Blake.

Right now, the current housemates who remain inside the house are Dawn Chang, Roger Lutero, Zues Collins, Tommy Esguerra and Miho Nishida.

Here the total tally of votes to evict, votes to save and the net total votes.

pbb737b pbb737c—————————————————————————————————-

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