The Pain of Betrayal. Why Sen. Miriam?

miriamBeing betrayed is one of the most hurtful feelings anyone can feel. That is why we have the cliche “Saksakin mo na nang harapan walang lang sa likuran”.

That is how I felt when my dear senator whom I pledged to support and campaign in the coming 2016 Philippine election suddenly took a 360-degree turn.

When Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago announced that she will run for President in the 2016 elections, I was jubilant. I felt there was hope now that a better qualified candidate has already fielded herself in the 2016 presidential race. I cannot contain my adulation of her because this is the moment I’ve been waiting for, to cast my vote for her.

I was elementary then when she first ran in 1992. Through Television and newspapers, I read and watched her speeches and achievements in government service and that is when I first admired her and her character. If only I can vote then, I’m sure will be voting for her, but then I can’t. On her second try I was just a fresh high school graduate and still not eligible to vote. So missed the opportunity again to be one of those millions who voted for her.

Now that I’m very much qualified to vote for her, I was high in excitement that finally on her third try I will have the chance to put her name as my president.

But just a couple of days after she revealed her plans for the 2016 election, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago announced that her Vice Presidential running mate would be the son and name-sake of the late dictator, Sen.Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr.

The moment news broke out about her running mate, was the same moment my heart was broken.

Why oh why Sen. Miriam, that in all your intelligence, integrity and character have you chosen Sen. Marcos? For all the principles you have stood before as the prime graft buster and defender of human rights, how come you were able to compromise to go side by side with Bongbong?

You already is a social media superstar. You already is the rock star of the 2016 elections that many Pinoys have anticipated. But why chose a running mate that comes from the opposite pole of what you have stood for in a long time? Or are you really not in the opposite pole?

In a Rappler article by David Yap Why Bongbong Marcos is good for Miriam Santiago”  he articulated that you and BBM are really good for each other primarily because of your good track records in the Senate. Forget the atrocities of his father during martial law because those were only ad hominen fallacies. After reading the article I just let is pass as just one of those Marcos revisionist trying to deodorize the Marcos name.

But during your speech at the COMELEC after filing your Certificate of Candidacy for president, the same line of thought came from your known fiery mouth, “The Marcos family doesn’t owe Filipinos apology”. My faith shambles, I was disrupted for a moment when I heard you said those words. From a fiery graft buster dubbed as the Dragon Lady of Asia, now you want us to just let it go and move on as if nothing happened. You also said times have changed and millennials should have different views compared to our parents and grand parents. Yes Bongbong may not be his father, but he is part of the family who occupies Malacanang then. He was with his father when everything back then happened. In fact according to the article by Raissa Robles, he himself admitted to have a hand in the ill gotten wealth they plundered and kept in Swiss Banks.(Read here: Senator Bongbong Marcos confirmed he had a direct hand in trying to withdraw US$213M from a Swiss bank in 1986)

So how can we not collect from the son the sins of the father when he himself was involved with it?

I don’t know if it’s true that the reason you chose Marcos is because of convenience; he has the money and you have the following.That’s why you compromise everything and came out deodorizing the Marcoses to the point of suggesting collective amnesia to the atrocities they did

You don’t need Marcos, he needs you more than you need her. You can run a decent campaign even without a running mate evident by the huge interest of volunteers the moment you announced you will run for president. Millennials counted on you as the perceived “savior” among the other presidential aspirants. But after choosing Bongbong Marcos, it’s feels more likely of a betrayal. Why Senator Miriam, why?


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4 thoughts on “The Pain of Betrayal. Why Sen. Miriam?

  1. It’s Really quite Funny that people, like this author, are so disappointed with Miriam for choosing BBM as her running mate. She has always been the psycho we all know and laugh at. Hindi nyo na ba naaalala yung neurotic hunger strike nya kay FVR? The “I lied!” episodes? Her vote sa second envelope at Erap’s impeachment? Yung pag instigate nya ng Edsa III? Defending the likes of Corona and GMA? Ang bilis nyo naman makalimot. Kahit mga intellectuals at “civil society,” ultimong mga taga UP, bilib na bilib na ngayon sa kanya, inexplicably forgetting that she’s just as corrupt as the rest of them. Just because she’s so vocal
    about the corruption of the government and her fellow senators doesn’t mean she’s clean. Nabibili rin si Brenda, and nabili na sya nina Erap dati. Ngayon siguradong natapatan na ni BBM ang presyo nya kaya
    all praises na sya sa Marcoses. And I wouldn’t be surprised kung from the start, sa Cory years pa lang, she already got her hands dirty.

    Nag trending lang ang mga tweets nya; nalagyan lang ng witty jokes ang mga graduation speeches nya; nagkaron lang sya ng bestselling books; sakay na sakay na agad tayo. Nabola na agad. Improve improve lang ng memory pag may time. Subukan nyo rin mag isip kahit once in a while.

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  2. remember, All of them lied, all of us lied
    Pinipili na lang natin naun kung sino ang hindi masyadong manloloko sa lahat.
    so what now ? sino iboboto niyo ? si BINAY ? ewan.

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