Former INC Minister recants previous statement, confirms abduction

Former Iglesia Ni Cristo Minister Lowell Menorca Jr. who was allegedly kidnapped and detained by INC officials came out on a video confirming his abduction.

In a video message posted on Inquirer’s youtube channel, Menorca belied his earlier statements in NET25 saying everything he said on that televised interview were all scripted.

Menorca is one of those INC ministers allegedly abducted and illegally detained by the powerful officials of INC.

Before coming out with this video retracting his earlier statements about his abduction and illegal detention, Menorca was reported missing by family. The family said Menorca was kidnapped and later on found to be jailed in Cavite for allegedly threatening 2 person with hand grenade. When he was reportedly being jailed in Cavite, INC legal department came in and facilitated for his release.

After his release from jail, Menorca appeared on INC controlled NET25 to deny that he was abducted and illegally detained by the INC authorites.

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But Menorca’s family are insistent that their family member was being held against his will, that’s why they filed a Writ of Habeas Corpus and Writ of Amparo to the Supreme Court to compel the INC leadership to release Menorca.

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With this new development of the case, it proves that the family of Menorca was indeed right all along about their allegation of abduction and illegal detention.

WATCH: Here’s the video message of former INC Minister Lowell Menorca.


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