Top 5 It’s Showtime Magpasikat Winners

This month, It’s Showtime is celebrating their 6th year Anniversary. During the week, It’s Showtime hosts again showcased their Magpasikat performances. Karylle and Jhong went musical, Vhong and Ryan did an innovative dance and comic act, Vice, Jugs and Teddy brought optical illusion in their performance, Anne, Kuya Kim and Eruption shared an inspiring message for the mother earth and Billy and Coleen did a sexy romantic lyrical dance.

This Saturday October 24, the winner of Magpasikat 2015 will be announced. But before we get to know the winner of this year’s Magpasikat winner, let’s get a rundown of the top 5 It’s Showtime Magpasikat winning performances.

5. Billy, Jugs and Teddy – It’s Showtime 5th Anniversary (2014)
This for me is the least entertaining production done by the rock and roll tandem of Jugs and Teddy with Billy. Gauging from their past winning performances, this is the one which I thought would never win. But eventually it still got the nod of the judges

4. Jugs and Teddy – It’s Showtime 1st Anniversary (2010)
This it the 1st Magpasikat edition and the 1st win of the Jugs and Teddy tandem. Putting into one stage some of the best OPM rock idols makes this performance worth the win. Jugs and Teddy showcased their most rocking performance in this one which made it one rock of a hell winning performance.

3. Anne Curtis – It’s Showtime 2nd Anniversary (2011)
The 2nd winner of Magpasikat, Anne was really in her element when she did this performance. The level of difficulty plus the funny and entertaining twist made this one a winner getting the perfect 10 score from the judges.

2. Jugs and Teddy – It’s Showtime 3rd Anniversary (2012)
After one year break from the winning the title, rock and roll duo Jugs and Teddy were back with the funny spoof of the phenomenal hit Gangnam Style. Creating their own version, Epal Ang Yong Style brought the house down again and the gave back the championship belt to the team of Jugs and Teddy.

1. Karylle, Jugs and Teddy – It’s Showtime 4th Anniversary (2013)
Jugs and Teddy continued the winning streak with the “magical” playback performance with Karylle. Among the Magpasikat winners in the past 6 years of Showtime, this performance by Karylle, Jugs and Teddy is so far the best. The concept is simply genius and the execution is superb making it the most entertaining since It’s Showtime’s Magpasikat concept begins. Jugs and Teddy are really the brains amongst It’s Showtime hosts.

Who do you think will be this year’s Magpasikat winner? Your guess is as good as mine.


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