Vice, Jugs and Teddy wins Magpasikat 2015

The Team of Vice Ganda, Jugs and Teddy was declared winner in this year’s Magpasikat 2015.

In It’s Showtime’s Animversary presentation Saturday October 24, Team Vice, Jugs and Teddy was named Magpasikat 2015 Champions. The trio who brought optical illusion (See here:WATCH: Vice, Jugs and Teddy brings optical illusion in Magpasikat) in their Magpasikat performance got the highest score from the judges to get this year’s title.

vice jugs and teddyWith this win, Vice Ganda finally joined other It’s Showtime hosts in the winners circle. After 6 years of Magpasikat competition, this is the first time that Vice Ganda became a winner. A sweet victory after a not so good quarter for It’s Showtime.

Meanwhile, Jugs and Teddy were on their 3-year winning streak following their “magical” reverse/playback presentation in 2013 with Karylle and “Wattchamacall8” performance with Billy Crawford in 2014.

As a tradition, Big Brother was again tasked to announce the winners in this year’s Magpasikat.

Following Vice, Jugs and Teddy were Team Karylle-Jhong in second place and Team Anne-Kim-Eruption in 3rd place. Karylle and Jhong did an original musical performance while Anne, Kuya Kim and Eruption did an inspiring super-hero theme for mother earth.

Magpasikat 2015 winners Vice, Jugs and Teddy received 300,000 pesos which they will give to their chosen charities.


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