WATCH: The Untold Story Behind #DuterteSerye

A video which supposedly tells the untold story behind Duterte’s NO decision for the presidency is currently going viral on social media.

Posted on Facebook Sunday October 25 by a certain Zerathul Ahai, the video entitled #DuterteSeryeUntold was already shared 5,944 times with 3,790 likes and more than 300 comments.

The video contains news footage and statements of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte and her daughter Inday Sara regarding the 2016 Philippine elections. Towards the middle of the video, a quote from Mayor Duterte’s wife Elizabeth was flashed which was said to be the main reason why the Davao Mayor declined his supporters clamor for him to run for president.

“Promise me not to run for President and instead take care of our children” – Elizabeth Duterte

CSKVcnxUcAEhu4fTowards the end the video showed statements of Duterte talking about candidate substitution and a news clip of Martin Dino who filed his candidacy for president under Duterte’s party PDP-Laban.

Watch below the complete video of #DuterteSeryeUntold.


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