PDP-Laban compels Mayor Duterte to substitute Martin Dino

The PDP-Laban on Tuesday October 27 announced it is compelling Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to substitute the candidacy of their official candidate Martin Dino for president.

In a press conference, the PDP-Laban national council said they are compelling the hard hitting Davao Mayor to substitute Diño in the event he withdraws from the presidential race.

Diño filed his certificate of candidacy on the last minute of October 16 under Duterte’s party PDP-Laban. Since then it was widely believed that Diño will just be a filler until Duterte changed his mind come December 10, 2015.

But media reports said Diño has wrongfully filed his COC, making it Mayor of Pasay City instead of President. PDP-Laban disputed it was just clerical error and that Diños CONA or Certificate of Nomination and Acceptance stated his intention to run for President. They also said if it will be grounds for Diño’s nomination the more Duterte needs to be the substitute candidate.

Watch below the statement of PDP-Laban regarding Diño and Duterte’s substitution.

Will Duterte finally change his mind? Will he allow himself to be compelled by his party? Let’s just wait for their next move if indeed Duterte will finally throw in his hats to the 2016 Presidential elections.


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