4 Simple Steps to Verify Voter’s Registration Status

No Bio No Boto!

The 2016 Philippine elections is one of the most important elections in our time. But we cannot participate in this election if we’re not yet registered or we have an in-active registration and we don’t have complete biometrics.

COMELEC was all out in the past year in reminding the public regarding the registration of voters and biometrics capturing. They have even launched the No Bio No Boto campaign to encourage voters to have their biometrics capture because they will be strict in implementing such guideline.

And with 3 more days before the COMELEC’s deadline on voters registration, you might want to check if your registration is still active and if you already have your biometrics capture.

So, before it’s too late, check your registration status now with this 4 simple steps.

1. Go to the COMELEC Website www.comelec.gov.ph
comelec 12. Click on the Registration Verification icon.
comelec 23. Click on the Precinct Finder link.
comelec 34. Enter your name and birthday and then click the search button.
comelec 4

After hitting the search button, it will then show you the status of your registration if it’s still active and if you already have your biometrics taken.

comelec 5

If you’re status is ACTIVE and your biometrics data COMPLETE, then you are good to go for the 2016 Philippine elections. But if not, then go to the nearest Commission on Elections (COMELEC) office and register. You still have 3 days or till Saturday October 31 to have the opportunity to participate in one of the most important elections in our country.

Be heard and let your votes be counted.


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