Paint Your Office Black for Tax Reform

While President Aquino is firm with his stand not to change the Philippines’ current income tax structure, Tax Reform advocates are still pushing for its passage under his administration.

Read here: P-Noy firm: No income tax cut

Proponents of the bill Senator Sonny Angara and Marikina Rep. Miro Quimbo assured netizen advocates and supporters to continue to push for more clamor for the executive department to change their mind.

Last October 15, concerned netizens and tax reform advocates started the Black Payday campaign to encourage more tax payers to join the calls for the passage of the bill lowering the country’s income tax. Advocates wore black and shared some pictures on social media with #TaxReformNow printouts.


With success of the first wave, Tax Reform advocates come up with the wave 2 this coming Friday October 30. The advocates are hoping more people will join this time and more picture and hashtag will be shared as a form of support for lowering income tax. Office workers, netizens and anyone who are burdened by the current income tax structure are encouraged to;

  1. Wear Black attire at work.
  2. Change profile pic (Facebook and Twitter) to black or any #TaxReformNow artwork.
  3. Take a selfie or groupie with #TaxReformNow sign and post/share the picture on all your social media accounts using the hashtag #TaxReformNow.


It has been proven before that people’s clamor can change the President’s mind. Remember the BOC directive on opening balikbayan boxes?. A couple of days before its implementation PNoy also stands by the directive. But with great clamor from OFWs and their families and netizen advocates, PNoy stopped the planned opening of Balikbayan boxes a day before its implementation. So there’s still hope. Netizens and tax payers just need to push more and encourage more people to join so that Malacañang can hear the public clamor.

So, Paint your office black this Friday and take over social media with the hashtag #TaxReformNow and #BlackPaydayFriday.


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