WATCH: This is Martial Law for those who don’t know it

With the surge of social media, historical revisionist have also surged. With people relying mostly and trusting everything shared on Facebook and Twitter are true, history tends to be overshadowed by these revisionists whose main goal is to sanitize and deodorize the wicked past.

That’s why it is not shocking now for youth to glorify one of the darkest parts of our history, martial law. We cannot blame them because revisionist have worked so hard to get to this point. It was well orchestrated plan, very well executed with the use of social media which is very influential to the millennials.

Part of the blame also belongs to the system which didn’t able to bring much change to our country after being robbed and plundered by the Marcos regime. And that is the hole that the revisionist saw. A great opportunity to debunk claims of abuses and power greed.

Now that the 2016 Philippine election is on full swing, revisionists are working so hard to sanitize and deodorize the past. They wanted all of us to just let go and forget everything because for them, past is past and we should just concentrate with our future. But every nation’s future will always be anchored on their past, so as to learn not to commit previous mistakes again. The past is our reference to have a better future.

So to those who claim glory about the Martial Law. Those who say we’re better off with this kind of leadership. Those who boast of its magnificent effects to our country, watch this video below. This is Martial Law for those who don’t know it.


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