PBB 737 reveals 3rd and 4th Big Placers

PBB 737 staged their 1st of the 2-night Big Weekend on Saturday November 7, 2015 at the Albay Astrodome wherein the 3rd and 4th Big Placers were revealed.

From the public votes, Franco Rodriguez and Roger Luterio were named 3rd Big Placers and Bailey May and Dawn Chang as PBB 737 4th Big Placers.

3rd big placer 4TH BIG PLACER

Bailey who was a fan favorite since the start of this edition gathered 7.58% of votes to settle for 4th place of the Teen edition. Dawn Chang on the other hand was able to get 7.79% of votes to be named PBB 737 Regular edition 4th Big Placer.

Following Bailey and Dawn are Franco and Roger who were named 3rd Big Placers. Bicolano native Franco Rodriguez got 20.71% of votes while Negros native Roger Lusterio was able to get 9.99% to settle for 3rd place.

The PBB 737 3rd and 4th Big Placers took home 300K and 200K pesos in cash prize respectively.

Meanwhile, as part of their 10th year anniversary surprise, the 2nd Big Placers and the PBB 737 Big Winners will be revealed tomorrow. And voting was also reset back to zero so the current percentage of votes for the remaining Big 4 housemates will start back to 0%.

Who among Jimboy & Ylona and Tommy & Miho will be the PBB 737 Teen Edition and PBB 737 Big Winners respectively? We will know the results tomorrow Sunday November 8 in the 2nd night of the PBB 737 Big Weekend live from Albay Astrodome in Bicol.


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