Jimboy and Miho are the PBB 737 Big Winners

The public have spoken, Jimboy Martin and Miho Nishida are the new Big Winners of Pinoy Big Brother 737.

After months of showing their true self inside the Pinoy Big Brother house, PBB 737 finally revealed this edition’s big winners, Jimboy and Miho.

In the 2nd night of the 2-night PBB 737 Weekend in Albay Astrodome, Jimboy was named PBB 737 Teen Big Winner and Miho was named as the PBB 737 Regular Edition Big Winner.

Jimboy won by a close margin of votes at 55.6% while Miho amassed a landslide vote of 82.47%. Jimboy and Miho both took home an Asian Tour Package, House and Lot from Camella Homes and 1 million pesos each in prizes.

Meanwhile, Ylona Garcia and Tommy Esguerra were named PBB 737 2nd Big Placers. They both took home 500 thousand pesos in cash prize.

Yesterday, the PBB 737 3rd and 4th Big Placers were revealed. Franco Rodriguez and Roger Lusterio were named 3rd big placers and Bailey May and Dawn Chang settled as 4th big placers.

Here’s the total tally of votes of the PBB 737 Big 4.

PBB 737 Teens

Jimboy Martin – 55.6%
Ylona Garcia – 44.4%
Franco Rodriguez – 20.71%
Bailey May – 7.58%

PBB 737 Regulars

Miho Nishida – 82.47%
Tommy Esguerra – 17.53%
Roger Lusterio – 9.99%
Dawn Chang – 7.79%


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